Level I Exam

The Level I Exam is for those who have been accepted as an applicant and completed their self-study course (including the Level I Video Series - click here for more information ).

To register for the Level 1 Exam, click here (https://fta.memberclicks.net/cft-1-exam).

The CFT-ITM Exam is a 100 question exam, timed to a total of 200 minutes. The exam is delivered in three parts: Financial, Mental Health, & Financial Therapy. Refer to the below table for a breakdown of the time alloted for each area, the number of questions, and the total percentage of the exam. 

Competency AreaTime Alloted# of QuestionsPercentage of Total Exam
Financial60 minutes3030%
Mental Health60 minutes3030%
Financial Therapy80 minutes4040%

After completing each area you may continue into the next area immediately, or after taking a break. It is not recommended to take a break for more than 5-10 minutes as the learning site may automatically log you back out. 

It is required that you pass all three competency areas in order to successfully pass the exam. If you do not pass a competency area you will still be allowed to continue the exam, but will not be able to pass the entire exam.



Course Details

Intro and Agreement
Financial Planning 01:00:00
Mental Health 01:00:00
Financial Therapy 01:20:00