Level I Video Series

Welcome to the Financial Therapy Association's Level I Video Series!

The Financial Therapy Association has developed an Education Video Series that is designed to help prepare interested individuals for the CFT-I™ certification. The video series may also be used by individuals who do not desire to seek certification or who may not be eligible based on certification requirements. 

To purchase the video series, click here (https://fta.memberclicks.net/cft-1-videos).

If you experience any technical difficulties along the way, please reach out to our Administrative team at admin@financialtherapyassociation.org

Course Details

Video 1 - Introduction to Ethics and Standards in Financial Therapy 00:32:51
Video 2 - Differentiating Financial Therapy within the Professional Landscape 00:38:39
Video 3 - Navigating Special Ethical Issues (Red Flag Issues) 01:10:18
Video 4 - Introduction to Self of the Financial Therapist: Building Awareness of our own Money Selves 00:25:27
Video 5 - Systems Theory: An Important Lens in Financial Therapy 00:51:55
Video 6 - Additional Theoretical Lenses 00:50:34
Video 7 - Framing Money Patterns and Behaviors 00:18:23
Video 8 – Exploring Financial Enmeshment 00:30:49
Video 9 - Emotional Aspects of Intergenerational Wealth Transmission 01:40:52
Video 10 - Exploring Money Conflict 00:27:48
Video 11 - Exploring Money & Relationship Dissolution and Divorce 00:44:12
Video 12 – Exploring Relational & Financial Infidelity 00:44:05
Video 13 - Identifying Relational and Financial Abuse 00:44:10
Video 14 - Identifying Financial Trauma 00:43:14
Video 15 - Intro to Research 00:45:35
CE Quiz
CE Quiz